Best Convener


In September 2011, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino hosted the Research Summit on Childhood Health and School Buildings, which brought together a team of interdisciplinary researchers to explore the connection between school facilities and student health. Boston’s public school district is also home to one of the first Center for Green Schools Fellows – a sustainability coordinator who will work within the school district for three years, bringing together faculty, administration, facilities staff, teachers and students to advance whole-district sustainability initiatives.

  • Phoebe Beierle, Boston Green Schools Fellow, convened the first Massachusetts Green Schools Coalition meeting in September 2011. Attendees were from leading organizations working to expand green schools, energy and environmental initiatives in K-12 schools across the Commonwealth.  

  • The City of Boston also boasts 55 higher education projects, including 14 out of the now 50 certified Harvard University projects. Harvard engaged over 200 faculty, students and staff in this process, and set clear goals such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2016.
Photo Credit: Kimberly Moa