USGBC Chapter Green Schools Committees

Across USGBC’s national chapter network, volunteer advocates are leading campaigns to transform local schools, providing their communities with on-the-ground support as local experts and providing a direct link to the programs and initiatives of the Center for Green Schools.

USGBC Chapter Green Schools Committees raise community awareness about the benefits of green schools by working with parents and teachers, students and school boards, administrators and city officials. They host community events in cities and towns, connect with elected officials, provide technical expertise, share their initiatives with the media, and much more.

Working together, the Center for Green Schools and the Chapter Green Schools Committees are equipping, empowering and engaging communities in the green schools movement.


Green Schools Committees are taking on a variety of initiatives, and as a result are attracting members from across their communities. These volunteers are architects, designers and building engineers, as well as educators, environmental advocates, local business owners and parents.

Individuals can join USGBC Chapters and their Green Schools Committees to raise awareness in their communities; share strategies, resources and best practices; tour green building projects and more. Find the Chapter and Committee near you and join the movement today!

A note to our friends outside the U.S. – While the USGBC Chapter network is only in the United States and U.S. territories, there are still ways to connect to the green schools movement outside the U.S. You can connect with organizations and individuals worldwide through the Global Coalition for Green Schools, and get involved (in the U.S. and abroad) in Green Apple Day of Service.

Community-based initiatives

Since 2010, the Center for Green Schools has distributed Green Schools Committee Innovation Grants to support local projects that aim to advance the work of the Center for Green Schools and USGBC. Annual modest awards are made to Committees that demonstrate well-defined programs and goals, with effective methods for measuring and reporting success in their communities.

Green Schools Committee
Action Items

Annual Green Schools Symposium

In 2012, USGBC and the Center for Green Schools will host the fifth annual Green Schools Committee Symposium. For two and a half days, Committee representatives gather together for success story and resource-sharing, message training and outreach strategy development. Nearly every USGBC Chapter participates in this invaluable peer-to-peer exchange, building plans of action for engaging their communities with green schools in the coming year, and strengthening the work of the national green schools movement.

Find a Green Schools
Committee Near You

For more information about the Green Schools Committees and ways to support their initiatives, please contact: