The U.S. Coalition for Green Schools

This alliance of the nation’s leading educational and environmental associations is in pursuit of a common mission: provide every child in America with a green school within this generation.


The U.S. Coalition for Green Schools brings together the nation’s strongest advocates for our children to create a national infrastructure of healthy, high performance schools that are conducive to learning while saving energy, resources and money. Coalition Executive Committee participants collectively represent more than 11 million members nationwide.

Through monthly discussions on topics including new school construction, critical retrofits of existing facilities, green cleaning, metrics-based programs to track energy consumption and experiential learning opportunities for teachers and students, the Coalition is working to shape the classroom of the future and fundamentally change the way American students learn about the world around them.

Charles Saylors

A letter from Charles Saylors

President, National PTA (2009-2011)

I’m asking you to join the Coalition for Green Schools not just as the President of the National PTA, but also as a parent, school board trustee and construction professional. In each of these roles I continue to see all sides of the ongoing debate about the need for better school buildings. Our children deserve a safe, secure, healthy and technologically equal learning environment.

When the National PTA joined the Executive Committee of the Coalition for Green Schools, I was excited to join a forum with some of the leading national educational and environmental organizations around such an important topic. In the year and a half since the Coalition first convened, I’ve worked alongside leaders from teachers’ unions, school boards, administrators and experts in design and education, and I’ve confirmed that while we all have much at stake on this critical issue, we also all have much to add. In order for all of our children to experience the benefits of green schools, all of our organizations must work together.

And that’s why I’m writing today. I’m pleased to invite your organization to join the general membership of the Coalition for Green Schools. Right now, the Coalition Executive Committee collectively represents more than 10 million members. By opening general membership we hope this new pathway for engagement will increase this number and collectively bring our important message to every American. Membership is free, and open to any organization, company or school. In joining, your group will receive regular updates about the national green schools movement, as well as information about networking opportunities and ways to collaborate to advance the vision of green schools for everyone within this generation.

For more information about the Coalition for Green Schools and how to support its mission and activities, please contact: