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Harnessing Green Buildings as Teaching Tools Download

This guide is intended for K-12 administrators and teaching staff, as well as building professionals working on K-12 projects – or for individuals who educate these audiences. Using Learning Gate Community School as a case example of how to harness a LEED-certified building as a teaching tool, the guide includes short- and long-format case studies and a professional development workshop, complete with a presentation.

Guide to Resources for Green Ribbon Schools Applications Download

This document outlines the essential tools you’ll need to successfully complete portions of your application for the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon Schools voluntary recognition program.

Local Leaders in Sustainability: Special Report from Sundance, A National Action Plan for Greening America's Schools Download

Outlines a national action plan that mayors and local leaders can use as a framework to develop and implement green schools initiatives. The report also provides a comprehensive review of the benefits of green schools; a summary of local, state and federal policy solutions; leadership profiles of green school advocates; and case studies from both large cities and small communities. Together, these resources serve as a roadmap on the journey to green schools.

Green Existing Schools Project Management Guide Download

Provides guidance, best practices, policy and planning templates to assist school officials in seeking LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M certification.

Green Existing Schools Implementation Workbook Download

Focuses on the O&M best practices and sustainable policies addressed by the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance rating system.

Greening Our Schools: A State Legislator's Guide to Best Policy Practices Download

A toolkit and comprehensive guide for state lawmakers who are developing policy solutions that improve the health, productivity, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility of schools in their state.

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Paid-From-Savings Guide to Green Existing Buildings Download

The Paid-From-Savings Guide to Green Existing Buildings is a guide to help building facilities managers and energy service companies (ESCOs) leverage utility cost savings to fund comprehensive green building retrofits. The resource provides detailed information on how to aggregate green improvement measures to optimize project economics and achieve LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance certification.

Hands-On LEED: Guiding College Student Engagement Download

As college and university leaders from across the United States work to green their campuses, students can and should play a critical role. Hands-On LEED: Guiding College Student Engagement explains how students can be involved in green campus projects and contribute to LEED certification efforts. The guide outlines three options for engaging students: coursework, internships and volunteer opportunities. It details the benefits of involving students and outlines ways to initiate the process of developing an engagement program, such as planning considerations and LEED-related activities and tasks that students can perform. The guide also contains profiles of three campuses that are engaging students on green campus projects with great success.

Learn LEED: How-to Guide for Planning and Conducting LEED Study Groups

Hosting a study group? Download USGBC's free guide.

Roadmap to a Green Campus Download

Roadmap to a Green Campus is a strategy guide for using the LEED green building certification program as a framework for developing and evolving campus-wide sustainability plans. The Roadmap references more than 100 tools and resources to support campus greening efforts, profiles institutional success stories and was created with the support of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

Understanding and Applying for Green Ribbon Schools Powerpoint Download
New and Retrofit Green Schools: The Influence of a Green School on Its Occupants Download

In the past three years, McGraw-Hill Construction has seen tremendous growth in the green education market. In 2008, McGraw-Hill Construction sized the green building market share at 15% of total construction starts by value. By 2011, that share had grown to 45%, a market valued at $19 billion—the largest sector for green by value. Therefore, understanding and growing the green education market is critical to the growth of the green building market overall. This new market research study supports this signifi cant market sizing, and it also confi rms that the penetration of green into the education sector is deep.

The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance Download

Jointly released with McGraw Hill Foundation, this paper is an accessible account of current research connecting school buildings with student health and performance. It also includes a summary of research needed and how individual groups (teachers and students, design professionals, government agencies, etc.) can help in the effort to draw connections between where students learn and their well being. Anyone who needs clear, defensible research to support the need for better, healthier classrooms will find the summary of research into how students breathe, see, hear, move and learn useful.

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Greening the Bottom Line: The Trend toward Green Revolving Funds on Campus (SEI)

Greening the Bottom Line, published by the Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) with more than a dozen partner organizations, brings to light current trends based on the first survey ever conducted about GRFs in higher education. Green revolving funds invest in enhancing energy efficiency and decreasing resource use, thereby reducing operating expenses and greenhouse gas emissions. The cost savings boost the bottom line and replenish the GRF for investment in the next round of green upgrades.

Advancing Education for Sustainability: Teaching the Concepts of Sustainable Building to All Students Download
Managing Organizational Sustainability Download

The first in a series of research publications about sustainability professionals, this report was released with McGraw Hill Global Financial Institute and reaches well beyond the world of schools and colleges. The paper examines how the community of sustainability professionals can begin to make a stronger case for the profession and its impact on organizations across sectors.

Managing Sustainability in School Districts Download

The second in a series of research publications about sustainability professionals, this report summarizes the role and expectations for sustainability directors in K-12 school districts. Drawing from extensive surveys and interviews with the Center for Green Schools’ network of sustainability professionals, the research concludes with important lessons for those managing and performing in this role.