Fund a Green Schools Fellowship

Published on: 
29 Jun 2015

At the Center for Green Schools, we partner with school districts to optimize school environments for learning and put money back into the classroom, where it belongs. Together, we will support a school district of your choice in successfully implementing sustainability, giving each and every student one more opportunity to succeed.

When asked to describe the components of a quality education, most Americans will cite the importance of the who (teachers) and the what (curriculum). The where, the so-called “third teacher,” is typically overlooked. Research tells us that the state of school buildings deeply impacts children and adults alike, affecting their concentration, retention of information, respiratory health, alertness and basic ability to hear and understand those around them. Studies have also shown that the condition of school environments communicates to students their value within the community. However, in these challenging economic times, the cost of operating school buildings is more than many communities can bear.

School districts need support to successfully implement whole-school sustainability—with the goals of resource efficiency, improved student health and performance, and environmental literacy. All of these aspects of the school environment are impacted positively when someone is hired to manage sustainability within a school system. Sustainability-related staff act as connectors between departments, keepers of knowledge that draws the lines between building performance and health, and each one’s success on the job is crucial to the well-being of thousands of children and adults. Supporting these staff can support an entire system of positive action at a school district.

If we fund a position, what specifically are we funding?

Your funds will directed to the hiring and recruitment of the Fellows as well as salary, benefits, travel, and training for the Fellow. For three years, through your support, the Center for Green Schools will provide an extensive training program for Fellows, including:

  • Attendance at the annual School Sustainability Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.
  • Targeted professional development training
  • Bi-weekly conference calls with Center for Green Schools staff and other Fellows
  • Individual check-in calls with Center for Green Schools staff
  • Attendance at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo
  • Attendance at local green building continuing education seminars and conferences
  • Annual visits from Center for Green Schools staff to school district offices

Your support will also provide salary and full benefits to the Green Schools Fellow for two years. In order to transition the Fellow’s position into a full-time Sustainability Officer with the school district, employment will transfer to the school district in the third year, and your funding will provide the district a grant to cover half of the Fellow’s salary. The training and travel program will remain fully implemented during the third year.

Please write our Center for Green Schools Fellowship Manager, Anisa Baldwin Metzger, at [email protected] if you are interested in funding a position. In supporting your community through this program, you will make a direct, significant and lasting impact on an entire school community. We will make sure that the community knows that you made it all possible through a series of benefits from USGBC and the Center for Green Schools.

USGBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Several benefits are offered as a funding partner for the Green Schools Fellows program. Additional information is available upon request.