Quiz: Do you know the most sustainable school supplies?

Published on: 
15 Aug 2019
Kristen Keim

Teachers are setting up their classrooms, parents are receiving school supply lists and students are sharpening their pencils. That can only mean one thing: it’s officially back-to-school season!

Each year, in order to prepare you for the school year, we publish tips for a sustainable school shopping list. This year, we're trying something new. How well do you know your sustainable school supplies? Test your green expertise by taking this short quiz.

There are lots of way to reduce your impact this school year, so try focusing on changing one behavior each month. For example, try packing zero-waste lunches all through the month of September—by the time it’s October, it’ll be habit, and you’ll be ready to move on to tackling your water consumption.

Check out the Green Classroom Professional certificate course to learn about all the ways schools can have a positive impact on the environment and students. It will give you plenty of ideas on making this school year the most sustainable yet.

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