Best Collaboration

Celebrate Sustainability

Celebrate Sustainability is a program that has been around for the last 7 years, and is a "green partnership" between Virginia Tech, the town of Blacksburg and Sustainable Blacksburg, a local citizen's group in the town. Every year, the three organizations come together to program a week's worth of events that recognize and celebrate the sustainability achievements of the school and the town over the last year. The program always includes a tree planting with local residents and students, presentations by local businesses and non-profits, and opportunities for people in the greater New River Valley to learn and get motivated to make further change in the area. The Celebrate Sustainability team works with the Blacksburg Farmer's Market to hold a sustainability fair each year, partnering with student groups, local green businesses, and non-profit organizations to talk to the public about what they are doing to make Blacksburg a greener place to live. What makes Celebrate Sustainability even more special is that the organizing team designs on a few of the many events each year. Rather, independent citizens, businesses, student groups, and non-profits design the bulk of the events, making the week a true collaboration between many different kinds of populations in Blacksburg and the New River Valley.