Best Moment for the Movement

Proposition 39, the Clean Energy and Jobs Act

In 2013, Californians rallied behind their decision to pass Proposition 39, the Clean Energy and Jobs Act. Under this act, a landmark $2.5 billion dollars over the next five years will be directed toward energy efficiency projects and repairs to promote healthy, high-performing schools in the Golden State. USGBC California was a founding supporter for the movement to pass Prop 39, which closes a corporate tax loophole to provide $550 million dollars per year to green schools. Thanks to the leadership of visionary environmentalist Tom Steyer, Prop 39 has brought together the education, health and sustainability communities to focus on the most impactful opportunities for schools to serve California’s children in the years ahead.

Photo caption: Senator Kevin de Leόn, author of SB 39 and, along with Tom Steyer, co-chair of the Prop 39 Campaign, speaking at USGBC California's PolicyPalooza 2013.