Best Policy Maker

Colorado State Senator Andy Kerr

State Senator Andy Kerr has been one of the strongest proponents of green schools in Colorado and throughout the country for many years. As a teacher, parent and State Senator, Andy understands how important having energy efficient schools is to our students, educators, economy and future as a whole. For three straight years Senator Kerr fought to pass green schools legislation in unfriendly political environments. Finally, in the spring of 2013 after a great deal of hard work and compromise with stakeholders Senator Kerr successfully passed SB 13-279. This law requires all school districts in Colorado to build new schools or to reconstruct schools to the highest possible energy efficiency. These new and reconstructed buildings will reach this efficiency by requiring designs to be submitted to a third party who will be able to certify the work if they deem it appropriate. Due to Senator Kerr's work in passing SB 13-279 Colorado is now able to ensure that we are using education funding efficiently.