The 50 for 50 Green Schools
Caucus Initiative

Many of the most important decisions made about our nation's schools come at the state level.

The 50 for 50 initiative is a catalyst for forward-thinking state legislators to coordinate, educate and reach out to their colleagues and constituents about the many benefits of green schools. From construction to renovation to curriculum to operations and maintenance, the caucuses will serve as an information resource for this increasingly sophisticated and complex public policy area.

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During 2013 state legislative sessions, the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council followed more than 125 bills across 34 states that sought to advance healthy, high-performing schools. See the full list here.

Attendees at the 2010 Green Schools State Legislative Summit
Attendees at the 2010 Green Schools State Legislative Summit

50 for 50 National Advisory Council

In 2010, a bipartisan National Advisory Council was formed to provide programmatic vision, strategic direction and increased recognition and awareness of the 50 for 50 Initiative among America’s 7,380 state legislators. The 2011 National Advisory Council includes:

  • AZ Rep. Ed Ableser
  • OR Rep. Jules K. Bailey
  • MS Sen. David Baria
  • KY Rep. Jim DeCesare (Vice Chair)
  • NE Sen. Ken Haar
  • MA Rep. Patricia Haddad
  • IL Rep. Karen May (Chair)
  • MO Rep. Margo McNeil
  • SC Sen. Phil Leventis

Green Schools State Legislative Summit

In 2009, USGBC convened the first national Green Schools State Legislative Summit for lawmakers committed to promoting green schools in their states. Based on ideas presented by the lawmakers during the summit, USGBC helped compile a menu of options for state legislators to promote green schools. A second Summit took place in fall 2010 and once again leading state legislators participated in this highly interactive forum to share best practices, exchange ideas and strategize communications techniques to advance effective green schools policies.

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Click here to download the USGBC Green Schools Menu of Options for State Legislators

For more information about the 50 for 50 Green Schools Caucus Initiative, as well as ways to sponsor future Green Schools State Legislative Summits, resource development, or the activities of the Advisory Council, please contact:

Greening Our Schools: A State Legislator's Guide to Best Policy Practices

Dear Colleague Letters

Illinois State Representative Karen May (D-58) and Kentucky State Representative Jim DeCesare (R-21), Chair and Vice-Chair of the National Advisory Council, address their fellow state legislators in open letters about the bipartisan fiscal, health and environmental benefits of green schools:

Jim Desc
"The promise and potential of green schools should be realized by every community across this country. The sooner we as legislators become advocates for change, the sooner our schools – and our taxpayers – will reap the rewards."
State Representative Rafael Anchia