The Congressional Green Schools Caucus

United in the belief that healthy, environmentally friendly schools promote learning, save taxpayer money and benefit everyone, The Congressional Green Schools Caucus brings together leaders across political parties.

The Congressional Green Schools Caucus, now approaching 50 members, was formed as a way to educate and inform members of Congress on the enormous impact they have on our nation’s approach to new and existing school buildings. With support from USGBC, the Caucus empowers federal legislators to work together and with their constituents to take advantage of opportunities to make our schools greener, our students and teachers healthier and our communities stronger.

The Caucus hosts regular briefings on the benefits of green schools, supports policy discussions, creates opportunities for caucus members to work to advance legislative and programmatic goals together and equips members of Congress with resources for their constituents. Caucus members and their staff also participate in educational programs to learn what is going on nationally and in their districts, including site visits to green schools and educational panels with teachers, architects and school officials from across the country.

For more information about the Congressional Green Schools Caucus and ways to support its expanding efforts, please contact:

Bryan Howard
[email protected]