• Get in on the green schools action at Greenbuild 2014

    By Emily Riordan
    Community Programs Manager, Center for Green Schools

    Celebrating green building in New Orleans is like being in Memphis on Elvis’s birthday—and you can bet it will be just as big of a party.

    USGBC and the Center for Green Schools have been partnering with the city, its schools and its volunteers for years, and we can’t wait to celebrate all they've accomplished. From building tours, education sessions, networking in the expo hall, and every po’ boy in between, here are a few of the places you can catch up with the Center for Green Schools when you’re ...

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  • Registration now open for fifth year of Campus Conservation Nationals

    By Hannah Debelius
    Program Manager, USGBC Students

    It takes three weeks to form a habit, and this spring, were asking college students and staff to do just that—form a habit of conservation!

    From February through April 2015, colleges and universities participating in Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) will have the opportunity to compete to reduce electricity and water consumption in the largest conservation competition for colleges and universities in the world.

    Program registration is open now through Nov. 7, 2014, and is open to both two- and four-year institutions on competetoreduce.org. Any student, faculty, or staff member can sign their ...

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  • Get to know our newest Green Schools Fellow: Kristen Trovillion

    By Marisa Long
    Public Relations & Communications Director, Center for Green Schools

    The Center for Green Schools launched the Green Schools Fellowship program in 2011 to place sustainability officers in school districts around the country. More and more school systems are realizing that they need to put more focused attention on resource efficiency, health and wellness, and environmental literacy; and these important topics get the dedication they need when sustainability is someone’s job.

    Our fourth Green Schools Fellow, Kristen Trovillion, is taking that job and running with it. She began work in Grand Rapids Public Schools in September as ...

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  • Communities Across the Globe Join USGBC’s Green Apple Day of Service

    By Marisa Long
    Public Relations & Communications Director, Center for Green Schools

    More than 3,700 service projects took place throughout the world with hundreds of thousands of volunteers participating

    Washington, DC – (Sept. 29, 2014) – The third annual Green Apple Day of Service, which took place on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, brought together hundreds of thousands of volunteers participating in 3,760 service projects in all 50 states and in 42 countries throughout the world. An initiative of the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Day of Service brings together students, teachers, parents, elected ...

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  • Why I care: Getting my students to go green with Gardeneers

    By May Tsupros

    In college I studied Conservation Ecology, Biology, and Permaculture Design and then relocated to Florida after graduation for work with sea turtles and tortoises. My background allows me to understand how nature works and inspires me to seek out new information and ideas. When I made the daunting career-switch away from the field science world six years ago, my number one motivator was to help high school students—in some of Chicago’s most impoverished areas—develop this curiosity as well.

    The first few months working at an alternative high school in North Lawndale, I realized many of my ...

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  • Green Apple Day of Service: Bettering schools for the people inside them

    By John Mandyck
    Carrier Corporation/United Technologies

    To call school important is a serious understatement. It’s where roughly a quarter of all Americans spend their days. It’s a place to mold minds and shape behaviors, which makes it the ideal place to not only raise awareness about energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, but to implement practices that can become habits and create the next generation of sustainability leaders.

    That is precisely why the Center for Green SchoolsGreen Apple Day of Service is so important to United Technologies. As a founding sponsor of the Center, we’re invested in the ...

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  • ‘Get Caught Green Handed’ during Green Apple Day of Service

    By William Gagnon
    Vice President of Marketing and Key Accounts at Excel Dryer Inc.

    Excel Dryer helps schools save time, money and the environment on Green Apple Day of Service

    Excel Dryer has teamed up with Boston Public Schools, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst to support the third annual Green Apple Day of Service. This year’s events take place Saturday, Sept. 27, when we will challenge school administrators to “get caught green handed” by installing high-speed, energy-efficient XLERATOR® hand dryers to reduce their facilities’ carbon footprint, and teaching their communities about the ...

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  • New census shows that solar energy is big in U.S. schools

    By Anisa Baldwin Metzger
    Center for Green Schools Fellows Manager

    The Solar Foundation (TSF) and its research partners at SEIA just released the National Solar Schools Census, and it's chock-full of information about solar energy use in our nation's schools.

    The Center for Green Schools at USGBC aims to support all schools in becoming healthy, safe and resource-efficient places for teaching and learning, and putting numbers to the accomplishments of U.S. schools is getting more and more important.

    According to the census, more than 3,700 solar energy systems exist on K-12 schools in the U.S., and nearly 2.7 million ...

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  • Serve your teachers this Green Apple Day of Service

    By Hannah Debelius
    Program Manager, USGBC Students

    My mother was a teacher at my high school. I know what comes to mind — some scene from 16 Candles of ultimate teenage embarrassment and disdain, but that’s not how I felt. Instead, I just never needed the, “Woah, my teacher is a person” realization when you finally see them out in the wild, like grocery shopping or at the mall. Although seeing my science teacher, Mrs. Smirkovski, at the movies on my 8th grade date was quite the shock to me, teachers were always people. People I loved.

    This time of year is ...

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  • 99 Green Apple Day of Service projects you can start right now

    By Emily Riordan
    Community Programs Manager, Center for Green Schools

    Still wondering how you can be a part of this year’s Green Apple Day of Service?

    Have your event all planned out for Sept. 27, and looking for more to do?

    Here are 99 ideas that anyone can implement at their school or campus. Yes, anyone. 

    In this list you’ll see ideas for teachers, parents, volunteers and students at any grade level, from pre-kindergarten through college and beyond. Pick one, pick two, pick two dozen!

    Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments, sign up ...

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