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Published on: 
14 Feb 2020
Carolyn Yi

Feature image: LEED Silver Milby High School in Houston, Texas. Photo credit: Slyworks Photography.

The Center for Green Schools is pleased to share our webcast lineup for 2020. Our monthly webcasts are free, open opportunities for professionals and advocates to learn about the latest green schools topics directly from experts.

Bookmark this page and check back monthly for updated details, including call-in information and expert panelists for the next webcast.

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February—Going Electric: The Future School Bus Is Here

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 18
Time: 1–2:30 p.m. EST

Event details: Want to learn what it would look like to bring one or more electric school buses to your district? Join us for this webcast featuring a diverse panel of presenters sharing updates on current vehicle and charging infrastructure, including how electric buses can serve as distributed energy resources and make your district more resilient to climate disasters. Attendees will hear lessons learned from early electric school bus adopters, as well as gain ideas for funding opportunities and unique models for making the transition to an electric fleet. School district sustainability and transportation staff, local utility companies and electric vehicle advocates can all take something away from this webcast.

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Resilience in Schools series (April-June; sponsored by EcoMotion)

April—Energy Resilience: Powering Schools with Solar+Storage and Micro Grids

Date: Thursday, April 30
Time: 1 p.m. EST

Event details: Schools across the country are taking energy resilience into their own hands by switching to electrically powered systems and installing 100% clean renewable energy and storage on-site. Keeping school doors open when the rest of community is suffering from power outages has many advantages. Tish Tablan from Generation180 will provide an update on K–12 trends in solar and storage. Ted Flanigan will present EcoMotion's work on energy resilience, notably the development of six fully financed, carbon-free microgrids in Monterey County, California, flagging both aspirational and pragmatic directions and issues. Additionally, Kate Crosby, Energy Manager at Acton Boxborough School District, will provide an overview of the district's net zero energy, all-electric building project that will also include a solar and storage system.

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May—Social Emotional Resilience: Supporting School Communities Through Crises

Date: Thursday, May 28
Time: 1 p.m. EST

Event details: Schools are learning spaces first and foremost, but as the current pandemic has reminded us, they also function as much more than that. For many students, schools are a place to be fed, connect with peers and access critical infrastructure (internet, computers, etc.) they may lack at home. The psychological impacts of recent natural and health crises (and resulting disruptions to the school year) on students can be long-lasting. As we think about returning to school, how can we address these ongoing challenges? Presenters on this webcast will help us understand how to help equip students and school staff to cope with uncertainty, practice understanding, and build social and emotional resilience after crises.


  • Ann Masten, Regents Professor, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Development, Distinguished McKnight University Professor
  • Meg Campbell, Founder and former Head of School, Chief of Innovation and Strategy, Codman Academy
  • Kate Roney, student at Sonoma Academy, Co-Director of Schools For Climate Action, Director of Climate Action for the National Children’s Campaign

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June—Resilient Design: Preparing School Buildings for a Changing Climate

Date: Thursday, Jun 18
Time: 1 p.m. EST 

Event details: Schools are the cornerstone of our communities, so it is especially crucial that these buildings are designed with resilient strategies to withstand and rebound quickly after disaster strikes. During this webcast, school leaders and design professionals will share successful strategies and lessons learned designing schools to minimize impacts, avoid disruptions, and recover from and adapt to natural and human health events, including the novel coronavirus.

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June—Maintaining School Recycling Programs in a COVID-19 World

Date: Tuesday, June 16
Time: Noon EST

Event details: The Center for Green Schools and the Carton Council bring you this webinar which features real-world case studies of schools who have successfully implemented sorting stations and recycling programs while feeding students in the classroom. Walk away with proven models and helpful resources to consider if your school moves to classroom eating in response to COVID-19.


  • Michele Wagner, The Carton Council
  • Debbi Dodson, The Carton Council (on behalf of San Diego Unified School District)
  • Nikki Miller, Teacher, Columbine School, St. Vrain Valley School District
  • Evadne Gianni, Principal, Hospitality Green

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August—Zero Energy Schools Are Here To Stay

Date: Thursday, August 20
Time: 3-4 p.m. EST

Event details: Presenters from New Buildings Institute and VMDO Architects share national trends in the field and how zero energy schools are a critical component of moving the needle to a carbon free and healthy future. Learn from case studies of different schools path to zero energy and LEED Zero certification, including VMDO’s Discovery Elementary School project. Join us for a look into the current landscape for zero energy buildings, why your project should consider zero energy and resilience as the new normal, and best practices for getting there.


  • Wyck Knox, Principal, VMDO Architects
  • Reilly Loveland, Project Manager, New Buildings Institute

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Keeping Sustainability Alive in the Time of COVID Webinar Series

August—Green Cleaning in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, August 18
Time: 3-4 p.m. EST

Download the recording.

August—Energy and IAQ in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, August 25
Time: 3-4 p.m. EST

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September—Recycling and Composting in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, September 1
Time: 3-4 p.m. EST

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September—Mental Health and Resiliency in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, September 15
Time: 3-4 p.m. EST

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September—Pivoting Sustainability Programming in the Time of COVID

Date: Tuesday, September 22
Time: 3-4 p.m. EST

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Outdoor Classrooms as a Solution for School Reopening

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Time: 4-5:15 p.m. EST

Event details: Hosted in partnership with Green Schoolyards America, this webinar will help school leaders, facilities staff, community advocates, and designers plan and execute successful outdoor learning spaces at school sites. Listen in and hear case studies from across the country, access site design and planning frameworks, cost estimating tools, product considerations, access and safety tips, and more, to help you make outdoor learning the norm at your school!


  • Sharon Danks, CEO, Green Schoolyards America
  • Ghita Carroll, Sustainability Coordinator, Boulder Valley School District
  • Lucas Ketzer, Head of School, Horizons K-8, Boulder Valley School District
  • Justin Deri, Garden & Greenhouse Manager, Falmouth Public Schools

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