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Peer networks

Through professional learning networks, we train and convene hundreds of school system staff and leaders from across the U.S. to learn from each other and further their work to create green schools for all students. The professionals we work with impact the daily lives of over 8 million students.

    School System Sustainability Leaders

    The School Sustainability Leaders Network is the only professional learning community in the country that supports K-12 district-level staff working to expand sustainability programs that result in greener, more resilient and healthy schools. Learn more.

    School Indoor Air Quality Leaders

    The IAQ Leadership Network connects those working on air quality and environmental health at the school system level to share best practices, learn from experts, and collaborate across the United States. Learn more.

    Green School Design & Construction Leaders

    The design and construction network connects school system staff who are working on capital planning and capital projects and are interested in connecting with others across the country to learn and share best practices for sustainability. learn more


    For each of these networks, we provide:

    • Virtual education and networking opportunities
    • Annual summits to connect with peers and share best practices
    • Closed online network to share resources and get questions answered
    • Year-long fellowships to provide extra coaching and funding to attend professional development opportunities

    Networks are specifically for school system employees and are free. Contact [email protected] to join.

    School district professional spotlight

    Learn about the school district professionals we work with.