Jump in to the future of K-12 education

Published on: 
17 Apr 2015
Rachel Gutter

Imagine the possibilities: millions of teachers equipped and empowered to engage their students in learning that fosters individual happiness and global sustainability. It’s not pie-in-the-sky, and with your participation, we can make it a reality.

Today, the Center for Green Schools kicks off its latest initiative: an online education platform to provide K12 schools one-stop access to the best education resources for sustainability. Encourage your favorite educator to apply here to take part in the one-year pilot program and receive exclusive, free access to a world of resources. The pilot will launch in August 2015, just before the 2015-16 school year begins.


The platform makes it easy for teachers to seek and find high-quality, standards-aligned materials to teach sustainability as its own topic and as a contextual supplement to core subjects. Search functions, peer collaboration opportunities and content curation tools make it easy for teachers to utilize resources that deliver inspirational, impactful and innovative classroom experiences. The platform will serve as a hub for our carefully selected education partners to market and distribute their products and services and as a playground for teachers to explore an ever-increasing array of content and opportunities that develops their skills and confidence as educators.

When the August 2015 pilot begins, the platform will debut a suite of action-oriented standards-aligned and STEM-enriched K-12 curriculum like Sustainable Intelligence. Based on the award-winning curricula and programming of EcoRise Youth Innovations from Austin, Texas, and created in collaboration with Instituto Thomas Jefferson in Mexico, Sustainable Intelligence includes cross-disciplinary connections, extensions and a complete Spanish-English translation with cultural adaptations.

Iterative feedback from teachers participating in the pilot will allow us to continuously update and improve both content and delivery in order to create an experience that translates to real-world projects and youth-led solutions that we can track, showcase and celebrate – and that educators can replicate in unique environments around the world. In exchange for a one-year free subscription, participants will commit to implement a minimum of five lessons and provide feedback via a series of brief online surveys. Take a peek at some of the lessons that will be available to teachers beginning in August here

Download and share this pdf with your favorite educator or administrator, and sign up today!

Registration is currently open through June 30, 2015.