NCEF Releases New School Building Design Report

Published on: 
28 Mar 2012
Judy Marks

The National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF) recently published a new study looking back on the designs of school buildings, identifying trends in energy consumption, ventilation, heating, air quality, lighting and acoustics. The study,"A History of School Design and its Indoor Environmental Standards, 1900 to Today" was written by Lindsay Baker, a doctoral candidate in the Building Sciences program of the Architecture department at the University of California, Berkeley. The publication is available for free on our website.

While you are visiting the Clearinghouse website, check out the NCEF Green Schools section, a rich source of current news and journal articles on green school topics. The site features an up-to-date calendar of green school events and learning opportunities, a short list of key publications, and links to numerous NCEF resources. This resources list is full of additional information on designing green schools and higher education facilities, green cleaning, energy management, indoor air quality, impact of green schools on learning, case studies, using the school building as a teaching tool and much much more.