Submit a proposal for the 2016 Green Schools Conference Expo

Published on: 
2 Sep 2015
Jessica Pinkston

pThe a href="" target="_blank"Green Schools Conference Expo/a, formerly the Green Schools National Conference, is accepting proposals from industry experts eager to share their knowledge and efforts to create green, healthy, sustainable teaching and learning environments. strongbr /a href="" target="_blank"/a/strong/p
pstronga href="" target="_blank"Green Schools Conference Expo/abr //strong March 31-April 1, 2016br /Pittsburgh, PA/p
pa href="" target="_blank" class="button"Submit a proposal or learn more/a/p
pemThe deadline for submittals is Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, at 5:00 pm /br //em The Green Schools Conference Expo is also seeking peer reviewers to evaluate session proposals. Reviewers are eligible to present at the conference and receive a $50 registration discount.nbsp;a href="" target="_blank"Learn more about volunteering as a reviewer/a./p!-- BEGIN KAPOST ANALYTICS CODE --
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