Apply for a scholarship to the Building Learners program

Published on: 
27 Aug 2021
Jenny Wiedower

Feature image: Students at the Rochester School in Colombia, a participant in the 2021 Building Learners cohort, with the school's sustainability director as he explains the mechanical air injection system. Photo credit: Rochester School.

The Building Learners program engages students in mapping the sustainability performance of their school buildings using real data, technology tools and support from a local green building professional. If this type of hands-on, STEM-based program sounds like a good fit with your classroom, apply by Oct. 31 to participate in the 2022 Building Learners cohort.

The cohort implementation option provides extra support, features and benefits to participants.

  • Extra support: Classes that participate in Building Learners attend a live, virtual training together, and have the opportunity to continue connecting throughout the year with members of the cohort, in professional learning communities and class exhibitions with students.
  • Extra features: Cohort participants receive access to premium features in the Arc data platform, such as Arc Essentials and Arc Performance Certificates.
  • Extra benefits: When you apply to participate in the cohort, you also can apply for a scholarship to offset the cost of participation.

If you anticipate being in your school building by January 2022, consider how this program can help use your school building as a laboratory for learning about building science, sustainability, green careers and data-driven action. Here’s how:

  1. Learn about the Building Learners program.
  2. Explore or teach one of the free lessons.
  3. Demo the Arc platform to visualize using it with students.
  4. Understand the resources and support available with the full Building Learners program.

Complete the Building Learners application, including the scholarship portion, by Oct 31.

Learn more about the Building Learners program in these online sessions:

Apply to participate in Building Learners