A monumental day for Ohio

Published on: 
11 Dec 2013
Rachel Gutter

Today at the Ohio State House, teachers, school leadership and elected officials from across the state are gathering to celebrate the first 100 LEED certified schools.  Ohio leads the nation with more LEED certified public schools than any other state, and hundreds more are on the way. 100 poster boards – one dedicated to each school and the community that it serves – are on display in the state house today, sending a powerful message to the Ohio Senate that Ohio’s green schools program is conserving resources, enhancing student and teacher well-being and preserving precious taxpayer dollars.

The schools are designed to use an average of 35 percent less energy and 37 percent less water than traditionally-constructed schools, and they save 10 million dollars per year for Ohio taxpayers.

A recent independent national survey released by the Center for Green Schools at USGBC and United Technologies Corp. reveals that majority of Americans, a full 90 percent, are supportive of green schools, with equal levels of support from across political parties.

Ohio’s green schools not only benefit teachers, students and local communities, they also benefit businesses across the state. All Ohio School Facilities projects using LEED encourage the use of local products and materials. On average, nearly 35 percent of building materials used to construct Ohio’s green schools were procured from regional sources.

We’re so thrilled to be in Ohio today to celebrate this tremendous achievement, and are grateful for the message Ohioans are sending to the nation: where our children learn matters. When we green our schools, everyone wins.