A nod to the nominees: Learn more about the 2015 Greenest School on Earth candidates

Published on: 
2 Jul 2015
Caroline Cowan

In April we announced that the 2015 Greenest School on Earth is in Pickering, Canada, just outside of Toronto.

Dunbarton High School features a dynamic and engaging waste management program, pollinator protection in the form of bee condominiums, and numerous educational opportunities led and embraced by students and teachers alike. What’s more, the surrounding community has taken up the cause, offering up their compost bins for students to dispose of the school’s food waste, supporting outreach efforts by the student body and generally touting the school’s eco-ethic with pride.

While Dunbarton deserves all of the praise it has received, and more, nearly 40 other schools were nominees for the 2015 Greenest School on Earth award and it’s high time they be recognized for their amazing work. Though we can’t wax poetic about each and every nominee in this article, we hope you enjoy the photo slide show  featuring images from several of the schools and look out for additional articles throughout the summer describing some of the nominees in more depth.