Registration now open for fifth year of Campus Conservation Nationals

Published on: 
2 Oct 2014
Hannah Debelius

It takes three weeks to form a habit, and this spring, were asking college students and staff to do just that—form a habit of conservation!

From February through April 2015, colleges and universities participating in Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) will have the opportunity to compete to reduce electricity and water consumption in the largest conservation competition for colleges and universities in the world.

Program registration is open now through Nov. 7, 2014, and is open to both two- and four-year institutions on Any student, faculty, or staff member can sign their school up.

Last year, 265,000 people participated in the competition, taking personal steps and campus-wide actions to reduce the impact their campuses make on the environment, driving forward the sustainability movement and cultivating a broader culture of conservation. On average, through the competition, electricity consumption was reduced 4.5 percent per building, bringing total savings to 2.2 million kWh—the equivalent of taking 201 U.S. homes off the grid for one year!

Appalachian State University (accolades include 2014 group champion and landing in the overall top 10 for energy reduction) spoke to me about their experience. “We had a lot of fun with Western Carolina through social media and in pointing out different strategies,” said Donna Presnell, communication coordinator, Appalachian State University. “It was a good, friendly competition with them. You can now stop any student on campus and they’ll be able to speak to you about sustainability initiatives on campus.” And what did the winning building get? An ice cream party.

Students and staff will be able to use Lucid's Building Dashboard® to instantly compare performance, track standings among schools and buildings, commit to taking conservation actions and share ideas for reducing energy use. CCN is brought to you by a partnership between the USGBC Students program at the Center for Green Schools, Lucid, the Alliance to Save Energy and National Wildlife Federation. Be sure to check out for planning guides, checklists, or to sign up to join one of five kick-off webinars!