What is included in a school district scholarship?

Published on: 
29 Jun 2015

The Center for Green Schools at USGBC annually convenes the largest national training for school district sustainability directors and provides year-round support to an even broader network of school sustainability leaders. When your school district receives a School District Scholarship, staff will benefit from professional development, targeted education and technical support from the Center and its partners.

Benefits included in the scholarship

  • Participation in the School Sustainability Leaders Summit
  • Ongoing training through webinars and small group coaching
  • Site visit and on-site assistance from a green schools expert
  • Attendance for one staff person at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo
  • An intensive whole-school sustainability workshop
  • Sustainability Master Planning kick-off or other professional services at the preference of the district (up to $4,000)
  • Training for 100 teachers to become Green Classroom Professionals -or- LEED certification coaching, at the preference of the district

Minimum requirements

School Districts must have a current staff person who spends at minimum 50 percent of their time on sustainability-related efforts in order to qualify for the Scholarship. To determine if staff time is currently dedicated to what we deem related to sustainability, follow the definition of green schools described in the “three pillars”: reduced environmental impact, positive impact on student and teacher health, and improved environmental literacy.

The application includes a required signed letter from school district leadership that includes the following: (1) support for specific sustainability activities at the school district, (2) support for a named staff person to spend at least 50% of their time on sustainability-related initiatives during the scholarship year, and (3) support for the professional development time during which this staff person will be participating with the Center for Green Schools for the scholarship year.