Who's counting? Center for Green Schools 2013 metrics

Published on: 
18 Mar 2014
Jenny Wiedower

In 2013, the Center for Green Schools reached further, leveraged greater and invested more than we ever have. How do we know? We are maniacal about tracking our work – whether it be the number of people we engage, the number of resources we distribute or the way people talk about our work in the media, their social networks or in surveys.

We welcome you to take a look at our 2013 Year-End Report Card.  The one-page infographic shows how we performed in the context of the goals we set for ourselves for 2013, many of which we exceeded, some of which we did not. But more importantly, the 2013 Year End Report Card tells the story of how we work: where our priorities lie, the diversity of stakeholders we engage, what we consider to be the biggest “wins” for the green schools movement that we had a hand in orchestrating in the past year.  In the effort to ensure green schools for all within this generation, we have a long road ahead, but due in part to our work in 2013, we have more allies, accomplishments and support than ever.